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Mr. Rae, Middle School Math & Science

I am a husband and the proud dad of two amazing daughters, one the Union town librarian and the other a school psychologist in a nearby town. Being Dad has been my most important job. My wife Lorraine and I have lived and owned a home in Woodstock, CT for about 25 years. We are both originally from Boston, where we both grew up in the same neighborhood of the city, riding buses and subways to get to school and to work. 

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I enjoy playing golf (even on the bad days), riding rail trails on my bike and getting together with family and long-time friends. I love to read, especially science fiction adventures, spy novels, biographies of early American figures and World War II history. I’ve been an avid Red Sox fan since my first trip to Fenway Park a VERY long time ago, and I still try to catch every game on TV. Baseball was a big part of my youth, as I played and coached for years.


From a very young age I have had an insatiable curiosity for science and engineering. I came into teaching much later than most of my colleagues, having spent over 25 years working in engineering and manufacturing. My earlier careers saw me in a number of positions including design engineer, project administrator and operations manager. Of all the skills and experiences I brought with me into education, nothing has been more important than that constant curiosity to understand that I had as a kid. Nothing I have done in my professional life has given me anything close to the joy that teaching has given me. 


860-684-3146, ext. 403

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